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5 Places To Visit In Spring

With the days getting longer and warming up, I’ve had Spring travel on my mind. My favorite seasons are Summer and Fall (the best weather, in my opinion), but some places thrive in Spring. I’ve rounded up my5 top places to visit in Spring – some I’ve been to, some I’m going to and some on still on my “must see” list.  

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

We’re aiming to visit Lake Tahoe for the first time over Memorial Day Weekend when many of the trails open up for the season. Neither of us know how to ski, but we love to hike, so Tahoe has been on our list for ages for that reason. I’m hoping from blue skies and a whole day dedicated to a good hike. Perhaps also a morning on the beach and an afternoon paddling around the lake in a kayak, followed by a slow evening on a patio outside. From what I’m told, the North Lake is more peaceful and South Lake is where all the action is (but it can get rowdy during peak season!)




A Portland native told me the city is at it’s best over the Spring when everything is in bloom. Portland is known for its stunning scenery, stellar coffee and even better breweries. So basically, if you’re a foodie or outdoorsy (or both) Portland is for you. If you live on the West Coast, try taking an Amtrak Train up to Portland (that’s what I want to do when we visit!). 

El Castillo of Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

I’m craving a hot, beach vacation. Tulum is growing in popularity lately, probably because people are desperate to go somewhere in Mexico that isn’t Cancun or Cabo. Tulum also has Mayan ruins like the Cancun are and beautiful beaches , but still offers a bit of peace. Look into Tulum when planning your Spring Break!

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Spring, before tourists season kicks into high gear is the most ideal to visit Venice. I went in February a few years ago and it was empty, but chilly because it’s right on the water. Italy gets hot hot hot in the summer and late fall, so Spring offers that perfect temperature while still getting the city before it becomes over-crowded. If you visit, I suggest skipping a gondola ride because they can run upwards of $150. Instead, take one of the boats out to Murano (the glass island) and also cemetery island for a really unique experience. And of course eat as much as you can!


Boulder Colorado


I’ve done Spring Break in boulder before and it’s the best of both worlds. Warm in the city and snow in the mountains for a quick last-minute winter activities. I like to spend one day hiking Chautauqua, one for exploring Boulder and a few more for driving around the mountains. Head to Elko to see the hotel The Shinning is based off and to visit the Rocky Mountain State Park. Or head towards the ski and mountain towns for some colder fun. 


So, where are you going?

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