Adult Milkshake Recipe(With Wine!)

Adult Milkshake Recipe(With Wine!)

Who screams for ice cream? I DO! I love ice cream, but I try not to have it in the freezer since I eat it WAY too fast. That being said, I recently discovered a very simple recipe for an adult ice cream shake with wine that made me break my no ice cream rule. While in Napa last week with my Dad, we stopped by Sutter Home winery to pick up my favorite wine – a Port that’s aged with brandy and it’s so so so good. The gal checking me out told me she likes to pour it over or mix it with vanilla ice cream and BOOM my life was forever changed. 


The recipe is so simple, you can’t go wrong. Just take your favorite vanilla ice cream (we like French Vanilla) and pour your favorite red wine over it. The spicier the better since these flavors work well with the vanilla and really make the milkshake POP. My favorite wine to use is the Sutter Home Port, but sadly that’s only found at the winery. I’m still on the hunt for a great brand that’s on most grocery store shelfs to replace the Port in between Napa trips. I like to put my milkshake in a wine glass to feel fancy. Sometimes I treat it more of a sundae and sometimes I mix it well to get a real milkshake. Drink it however you want! Have fun ladies 🙂



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