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Stepping Up My Beauty Routine For The Wedding

Luxury Beauty Routine For Wedding

With the wedding less than 6 months away, I’ve made a resolution to start upgrading some beauty tools to be as purtty as possible while walking down the isle. I’ve always had issues with my skin. I had eczema growing up and now have really dry and sensitive skin, so I’m always on the hunt for great beauty products.

I decide it was time to upgrade and splurge a bit on the good stuff, so I paired with Vine Vera  to try out their Zinfandel beauty collection.  (Twitter hereThis stuff is the REAL DEAL. It’s a bit higher on the price point, but so worth it, especially when you are prepping your skin for important moments or if you care about young, healthy looking skin later in life (don’t we all?) Gone are the days when I can get away when with ole’ cheap moisturize from Walgreens and not washing my face for 3 days.

Luxury Beauty Routine For Wedding

When my Vine Vera  came, I waned to try the whole process right away. You start with the pre-mask, rub it for about 60 seconds, and wash it off. Then, time for the peel mask! I was most excited for this one. it involves mixing the mask yourself, which I think was fun. I applied it to my face, and maybe I just didn’t apply it thick enough, or maybe each mask comes with a bit extra. Either way, I called Robin over when I saw there would be enough left over for him to have a light peel as well. I totally made him do the whole process with me (Yes, he did tell me at one point to stop putting sh*t on his face, but common, that’s no fun). You wait 20 minutes for this one to dry and I loved watching it go from goop to a harder gel. It’s packed with rose and resveratrol to help give your skin a major boost.

You then follow with a resveratrol tone correcting serum and a resveratrol cream which has SPF, and boom! All done. Products that really get the job done rarely ever involve one magical bottle. You all know that all-in-one shampoo conditioner rarely does the same job as a shampoo and conditioner. Vine Vera  is the same way. I noticed right away after this process that my skin looked brighter. 

Obviously, I won’t be doing a peel on my face every day, or even week. I’ll be adding the serum and cream into my normal beauty routine and using the peel about once a month leading up to the wedding. Cheers to having glowing, healthy skin on my wedding day!

Luxury Beauty Routine For Wedding

Thank you to Vine Vera for sponsoring this post.

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