Best Field Of Sunflowers In California

Best Field Of Sunflowers In California

You’ve seen them on Instagram. The endless rows of golden sunflowers that seem to stretch for days.

My friend Justina and I saw these sunflower fields all over our feeds and had to check it out before they all wilted by mid-August. We decided to visit on August 10th, which was already almost too late. As you’ll see in the photos, we did find a little patch of flowers that weren’t in too bad of shape, but we drove by miles and miles of totally dead flowers on the way here. That being said, I picked up some tricks and tips that I wanted to share with you now, so we all can be prepared next summer for sunflower season!

Visit a field in July to make sure you catch the fields at the height of their awesomeness. As mentioned, August 10th was already too late and we had to hunt for a patch that was still half alive.

Woodland, Winters, and the Dixon are in the Yolo County, California area have the best Northern Californian sunflower patches. Sadly, I don’t know of any close to the Bay Area, but it’s worth the drive up here for the literally endless miles of flowers. Try heading to the famous Field of Sunflowers atย 8747 Currey Rd, Dixon first.


sunflower fields dixon

Plan to arrive at sunrise to avoid the rush of people and witness the flowers at their most beautiful moments. There is something magical about the sunflowers all facing East and meeting the sun breaking the horizon. We left San Francisco at 4:15am and made it to the fields at 5:30am for sunrise. If you aren’t up for a long morning drive, stay overnight at Park Winters, a delightfully beautiful hotel.

Ask permission from the farmers to avoid any problems. Most farmers are fine with you stopping by the end of the field for a quick photo or two, but if you are planning on going deeper into fields or doing a big shoot (like an engagement or longer portrait session or flying a drone), figure out who owns the land and give them a call. I haven’t heard of anyone saying no, they just like the heads up.ย On that note, be respectable and don’t’ wander too deep into fields or drive all over. The sunflower files are private land after all!

Dress the part and plan to wear summer dresses, straw hat or Americana-vibing outfits. The ‘gram will be a fan! ๐Ÿ™‚

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sunflower fields dixonsunflower fields dixon


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