Broke Girl’s Gift Guide: Valentines Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Broke Girl’s Gift Guide: Valentines Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Ultimate Valentines Day gift guide for your boyfriend or husband! I had my own #1 man help me put this together, so it’s already man-approved. And, if you’re reading this after Valentines day, don’t fret! These gifts are great and can be gifted for birthdays and holidays! 

Hungover Cookbook: Because we’ve all been there and you’re guy (who is probably clueless in the kitchen) will be very grateful for this 

Timex Tweed Watch Strap Set: If you’re guy is into his watch, then this is the perfect gift for him. He can swap out the time piece with different straps to fit his mood or outfit. He’ll think of you each time he wears his watch – so like, everyday! 

Beard Grooming Kit: Us ladies carry around things like concealer and lipstick, so why can’t your bearded beau have a tiny, portable kit to keep him looking sharp? 

Instant Photo Coaster: If Robin lived alone, he 100% wouldn’t have coasters (or any decor, really), so odds are your boyfriend doesn’t have any either. Gift him this pack of Instant Photo Coasters but fill them each with photos of you two first, so he always has mementos of you + him. 

Thanks For All The Orgasms Card: I like to call this one the #KeepingItReal card. But in all seriousness, skip the boring “you’re my soulmate, yadada” card and get this one instead. 

Beer Making Kit: To be honest, I think I have to get this for myself. And another for Robin. If you’re guy is a beer snob, he’ll love taking a stab at brewing his own creation. If you’re interested, help him brew so a gift turns into a date! 

Pajama Bottoms: Raise your hand if your man still sleeps in old sweatpants? Gift him a really nice pair of pajama bottoms to step his sleep game up. BUT, here’s the catch. Also include a sexy number for you (like this) in the box. He’ll get the hint. You know what I mean. Best Valentines Day gift ever?

Hearts Trunk: This is just for you. Happy Valentines Day! 


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