Clam Chowder and Jord Watch

Clam Chowder and Jord Watch

By the time we did our lazy drive down Route 1 and toured the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Robin and I were STARVING! We stumbled out of the aquarium in a hungry sort of daze. We were on the hunt for something with seafood since hey, we were in Monterey Bay, and the 1st place we passed was this cafe with bread bowl clam chowder. We were immediately sold (we both are totally and utterly in love with fresh clam chowder – every time we visit the Fisherman’s Wharfs here in San Francisco, we have to get clam chowder).


_MG_8747If you follow me on Instagram (@TheWhimsySoul), you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been wearing this watch in like, every Instagram photo lately. To put it bluntly,  I’m in love with this watch – even more love than my relationship with clam chowder. A couple of months ago my watch broke and ever since I’ve been on the hunt for a really good replacement. I like to wear a watch almost everyday (something about checking my wrist for the time instead of pulling out my phone feels so good), so I wanted something really high quality.

IMG_8722IMG_8843In a stroke of good timing and luck, Jord sent me this beauty a couple weeks ago and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. The wood is really well crafted and the weight is perfect – not too heavy, not too light. This is the Fieldcrest Watch made of Zebrawood and Maple. I’m a huge fan of masculine watches, so I picked one of the larger woman’s watches. I really like statement pieces and love when a watch has personality. Robin is totally jealous of it – good thing Jord takes your wrist measurements and builds each watch to fit your wrist perfectly otherwise I’m sure I’d wake up to find Robin has stolen my watch for the day. If you’re looking for a new watch for yourself, your man or a family member, I highly recommend Jord (their men’s watches are just as good). Who knows, a certain boyfriend may just be getting a Jord watch for our 4 year anniversary soon…


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