How To Turn Your Home Decor Smart

How To Turn Your Home Decor Smart

Most of you don’t know this, but I worked for a smart home startup for a bit last year. Part of my job was researching and writing content about new smart home tech and I’ll be the first to admit it can be overwhelming! I can put together anything from Ikea but when it comes to installing technology and figuring out the best way to use smart home products, I always get a little lost. 

So, when I learned about the local startup Enjoy, I knew we had to collaborate together. Enjoy specializes in tech, but in a completely new way. For free, they’ll deliver your new tech (for me it was Philips Hue lights), install it for you, make sure it actually works and then walk you through all the ins and outs so by the end of the session you feel like a smart home master.  

I’ve been eyeing Philips Hue since learning about them last year. Hue is a smart lights company and is equally fun (they change to any color you want!) as practical (really easy to control remotely when we’re gone). When I was ready to get them installed, I hoped onto and was quickly able to purchase my starter kit as well as set up an in-home installation appointment during the middle of a Saturday afternoon when I was available. Joshua was my assigned Enjoy guru and not only did he hand-delivered my Hue starter kit, he also used his tall person skills to swap out the light bulbs for me. (I’m only 5’5″ and have to climb on chair to reach the lights!)

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He then showed me through the Hue bridge, which is the smart tech hub that talks to your lights, and walked me through the Hue app, sharing all these great insider tips I wouldn’t have known about. For instance, you can program Hue to flash blue every time the Cubs score (something Robin is VERY excited for) or flash when you get an email or Facebook notification. I’m still working on how to get them to turn red every time a rose is given out on The Bachelor (hehe). I’ll have to text Joshua to see if he knows how! (That’s right – Enjoy is there even after your appointment to answer any questions you have.) I also have an alarm to turn on the “Morning” setting automatically at 7am everyday so we can wake up a little easier. If you are curious, read up on how lights effect your mood. It’s really interesting! Joshua also directed me towards third party apps that let you do other things with your Hue – like connect it to your music or an app that changes the colors of the lights based on the scenes in whatever movie you’re watching. 

Smart Home Decor

Complete control over our lights wasn’t something I thought we’d need, but now I’m hooked. We have it in our kitchen and I love picking out fun light scenes to eat dinner to. We’re also in the habit of nightly sip and chats, where we pour ourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and catch up without the TV on in the background. Setting the mood with Hue has totally upped our sip and chat game – I love turning them to the “deep sea” scene, which is purples and blues. Makes it feel more intimate. Home decor, turnt up and turned smart. 

Want Enjoy to help you with your tech? Use code RAF-WYS for $50 your first purchase from Enjoy. Believe me – you’ll want to get these Hue bulbs in your apartment asap! (Expires on 4.15.2016 and can’t be used on Boosted Boards, Tile or products under $100.) Enjoy is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, and Hoboken and coming to more areas this year!

Smart Home Decor

Thank you to Enjoy for sponsoring this post. 


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