Do You Eat Lunch At Your Desk?

Do You Eat Lunch At Your Desk?

I’m a packed lunch kinda girl. I love bringing in leftovers to make sure I’m eating healthy and staying within budget, but man, it can be hard sometimes. Each evening as dinner time rolls around, Robin and I both look at each other and sigh. What can we cook tonight that I can bring to the office tomorrow? Sometimes we do a great job of cooking extra and I have a killer lunch the next day. Many times, we don’t and I have a sad, small lunch or totally forget to pack one in the first place. 

Since my office eats at our desks, poorly packed lunches are even worse. It’s gone too quickly and my lunch break wasn’t really a break. I’m sure this is a struggle everyone has had. So, I’ve partnered with noosa to share with you a new, better way to lunch it at your desk. My game changing tip? Next time you’re at the store, stock up on a bunch of noosa for your office! They have some seriously amazing flavors. How can you have a sad lunch with flavors classic Blueberry, Strawberry or Blood Orange (what I’m eating in these photos!), and new flavor pairings like Raspberry Habanero or Mexican Chocolate (my favorite! I usually try not to bring extra food to keep at work because I’m a mindless snacker. If it’s there, I’ll just keep on eating even if I’m not hungry. Anyone else have that problem? Even if it’s a box of nuts or carrots, I’ll just plow through it. 

noosa yoghurt blood orange branding noosa yoghurt blood orange

That’s why I love noosa. It’s made from natural, whole milk and fresh fruit so it actually keeps me full after eating. Plus, because it’s so creamy, a lot of flavors taste more like a dessert, so it’s easy for me to feel like I had a complete lunch afterward. Somehow, having something sweet and yummy helps my mind relax and helps me have a break, even though I haven’t left my work area. Do you eat lunch at your desk? How do you fight off the desk blues? Will you try noosa yoghurt at the office? Leave a comment below! 


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