Eureka Awards Submission

“Just a Midwest galΒ who ran away to San Francisco”

Kara, the gal behind Whimsy Soul, firmly believes that every woman is beautiful in her own body and that the world is much, much bigger than her hometown. Whimsy Soul’s mission is to encourage women to β€œbe the best them” through inspiring content and stories about personal style and helpful travel guides, often merging the two.


In November 2017, Whimsy Soul partnered with the Yosemite + Mariposa County Tourism Board on a 4 day trip to Mariposa and Yosemite National Park. It’s no secret that hiking the Mist Trail is a fun activity in the summer, but Whimsy Soul went to find out what the valley is like in the late Fall/early Winter. Turns out? A fraction of the people and stunning weather that brings changes like snow in the morning and picnic weather in the afternoon.

From this trip, Whimsy Soul shared real-time social shares to engage fans instantly and after, a video vlog and three blog posts including a Mariposa Travel Guide, a Yosemite Travel Guide and a review of Tenaya Lodge.

*View full trip metrics report HERE.


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