My Favorite Weekend Getaway Essentials

My Favorite Weekend Getaway Essentials

Weekend getaways are the best! Fast paced whirlwinds of fun and adventure. The key is to a great weekend trip is to pack right! I have a list of my favorite weekend getaway essentials that I always bring on trips (big or small) and I wanted to share the list with you. 

1. Yes to Carrots face wipes. Remove makeup after a long day of traveling is such a good feeling! My favorite brand is Yes To Carrots because they have tons of scents to choose from, and the actual wipes don’t bother my skin. 

2. BB cream with sunscreen. Skip the large makeup bag and instead opt for one tube of BB cream with SPF. It’ll act as a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen, all in one. Perfect for weekend trips!

3. A trusty waterbottle is useful everywhere and is a must for weekend getaways! Got to stay hydrated ladies. 

4. A hairbrush is a must! I love ones that can dig through wet hair so they double as a comb and brush. 

5. Passport case to store  your essential documents and extra cash. Bonus points if it’s cute. 

6. Comfy, cute shoes that you can walk long distances in are one of the first things I put into my travel bag. I have learned the hard way in the past that you have to let go of fashion trends for the sake of my destroying your feet. I like flat ankle booties, sneakers, and sandals with support best. 

7. Carry on sized duffle bag that has a strap so it can be carried easily in crowded streets. I enjoy bags that have external and internal pockets to help organize things. 

8. Mid-size tote with body strap that’s big enough to hold your waterbottle, wallet, camera, etc, but small enough to carry around all day. We’re not talking your work tote that you cram your life into. Something smaller is just perfect. 

9. A brimmed hat to help keep the sun out of your face, plus it’s just a really cute accessory! 

10. Sunglasses are always a must, no matter where you are going. 

11. A portable phone charger will save your life (maybe literally) while traveling. I picked mine up for about $12 and it has saved many days out in a new city when my battery died. 

I hope that helps you get an idea of what to pack for a weekend getaway. Leave a comment below if you have other good things to add to this list! 


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  1. Georgie
    August 4, 2016 / 7:11 pm

    Love this list! I always pack too much, so this will help me get organized for a last minute getaway. Thank you!

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