Floral Pants

Floral Pants

Floral patterns are one of my favorites. I recently went through the process of figuring out what my capsule wardrobe is (you know – tossing out stuff you never wear and narrowing down what’s left to figure out what type of clothes you’re attracted to) and that helped me see that florals are one of my go-to prints. 

So, when I saw these floral pants by Le Chateau, I had to snap them up. They’re light weight, which is perfect for the coming hot months and sit on my waist perfectly. I paired them with heels and a black ensemble for a boho-style outfit. Some people think that you can never pair tan and black together, and that’s just not true! I love mixing these staple colors when I have wild prints in my outfit, like here. 

le chateaule chateaule chateau

I’ve fallen quickly in love with this pair of floral pants. I know they’ll be making more appearances in the coming months! Maybe next time for a crop top and an ice cream cone?


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