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Skunkfunk holiday shoot in the Mission, San Francisco

Hi everyone! A couple weeks ago I had the great pleasure of doing a fun holiday shoot with Skunkfunk, a really neat local clothing brand that uses all sustainable products. Their clothing were last seen here and here.  I took the train to the Mission on a Saturday morning and had a great time shooting around the neighborhood (like at this adorable Christmas tree farm!)


Whimsy Soul Skunkfunk

 For those who don’t know, the Mission is one of the most vibrant areas of the city and has some of THE BEST Mexican and brunch spots. Literally every time I visit there are long lines outside every single brunch joint we pass. Pro tip for those new to San Francisco: always, ALWAYS make reservations for brunch a few days in advance. 

Anyways, as I mentioned in past posts, Skunkfunk uses all sustainable clothing and is uber environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a clothing brand that care about the earth while still looking tre chic, Skunkfunk is for you! 

Whimsy Soul Skunkfunk

whimsysoul skunkfunk

Whimsy Soul Skunkfunk

Whimsy Soul Skunkfunk

First Look: Agerkunde Dress // Garriga Scarf  // Beuda Bag

Second Look: Michaela Pants //  Benine Sweater in Red

Third Look: Haritza Dress // Sagette Coat

Which look is your favorite???


photos by Victoria Fong 

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