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8 Gifts To Give Your Fiancé

Hey, you engaged lady, you. If you’re anything like me, when I think about weddings and gifts, I only think of stuff people are giving me, not the other way around. Not every couple does this, but it’s popular to give your fiancé a gift either on the wedding day or a few days before. A little token to say thanks for putting up with my crazy planning and actually still vowing to love me forever. 

I’ve rounded up 8 gifts, geared towards guys. 

8 Gifts To Give Your Fiancé

  1. Loafers – $130: Get yo’ man a nice pair of shoes. He doesn’t have to wear these for the wedding, but every man needs a good, nice pair of shoes in this wardrobe to pull out from time to time. 
  2. Beard Oil – $24: Got a man who’s rocks his beard like it’s Movember every month? Treat him to a nice bottle of beard oil – he can even use this on the wedding way!
  3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $349: From his office to on the weekend, noise-cancelling headphones are always handy. I’d suggest gifting this right before the honeymoon so he can use them on the plane!
  4. Custom Wood Watch – $134: Wood watches are all the rage, but what’s cool about this watch company, Treehut, is that you can engrave special messages on the back. From “I love you” to quotes to inside jokes, an elevated watch is a gift he’ll wear forever. 
  5. Polaroid Camera – $169: For any shutterbug guy or Instagram husband. Don’t forget to stock up on some film as well!
  6.  Man’s Festival Survival Kit – $35: Ok, this is labeled for festivals but I think it’s the perfect thing to tuck into his suitcase for the honeymoon. He’ll thank you later. 
  7. Custom Leather Flask Case – $30: This is a great gift to give your man on his wedding day – just make sure to have it filled with his favorite drink! If you have extra budget, get one for each of his groomsmen as well. 
  8. The Yeti Cooler – $479: If you have’t heard about the Yeti cooler, you’ve been living under a rock. I myself have been itching to get one. Everyone raves about how the price tag is totally worth it. If your man likes to tailgate, fish or camp (or just likes to grill outside) get him this cooler and he’ll think you’re really cool. I promise. 

I hope this list helps you narrow down what to gift your fiancé on your wedding day!

Thank you to Treehut for sponsoring this post. 

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