Hangin’ at Ocean Beach

Hangin’ at Ocean Beach

We can see the ocean from our apartment. That is, when there isn’t a huge blanket of fog that is normally there 80% of the time. This past weekend we woke up to the most beautiful San Francisco day we’ve had in weeks. After brunch, I was itching to get outside more so we decided to go for hang out along the Ocean Beach boardwalk. 


Whimsy Soul - triple thread- ocean beach 1
whimsy soul triple thread ocean beach 3 whimsy soul triple thread ocean beach 4 whimsy soul triple thread ocean beach 6

If you’ve never been to Ocean Beach before, it’s a hot spot for surfers and has this *killer* graffiti along one side of the boardwalk wall. I just love it, so colorful and fun and makes a great seat to just watch the waves come in and out. We each brought headphones and spent some time just people watching and listening to music next to each other. We have totally different tastes in music. I was listening to Beyonce, Mumford and Sons and things like Ellie Goulding’s remix of “Hoes Ain’t Loyal”. He listens to rap and bands like the Grateful Dead.

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whimsysoul triple thread ocean beach 8 whimsysoul triple thread ocean beach


I’m in love with this electric green top from Triple Thread. It’s light yet offers a bit of warmth (perfect for San Francisco weather) and the color is just so fun! Triple Thread just launched a new exclusive VIP membership called Triple Thread Society if you’re interestedAs a member you will have exclusive access to deals like limited time sales, inventory sneak previews, event invitations and much more! Sign up now by visiting their website and enter your name and email to become a member! The first sale opportunity running right now is 75% off their hair product line!! (starts Wednesday and runs through Saturday) I paired my top with my faux-leather skirt from H&M (a few seasons old, similar linked) and boots from Target, also a old and similar linked. I liked the “grunge” vibe going on. To top it off, I wore this pink bro hat that you’ve seen a lot on the blog and Instagram. I picked it up from Forever21 and wish I bought more in different colors! And, since you’re totally wondering about the cat tattoo, it isn’t real. This is from Tattify and I totally recommend trying out temporary tats if you’ve never have before.



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