Instagram vs Snapchat Stories - Which Should You Use For Your Blog?
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Instagram vs Snapchat Stories – Which Should You Use For Your Blog?

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Snapchat was a game-changer in the instant, real-time sharing social app space. I’m not going to lie, it was a brilliant idea. I loved it. And then Instagram realized it was a brilliant idea and introduced Instagram Stories to the app. It was and still is a huge debate among bloggers and brands alike about which platform is the best to post on. Which brings me to the question: Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories. Which should you use for your blog?



  1. Keep everything in one place/one app
  2. Swipe up feature to drive traffic
  3. Expand on feed posts for real like moments


  1. Due to the algorithm, followers may not see your Stories update on the top of their feed and have to manually go to your profile to watch



  1. You may already have a large audience here
  2. Easier to get views as there isn’t an algorithm to fit against
  3. Those face filters are still better than Instagram


  1. Less and less people are using Snapchat
  2. It’s more important to build and Instagram following vs. a Snapchat following


To me, the no-brainer is Instagram Stories. Let’s face it, Instagram isn’t going anywhere. Plus, keeping all the “fun stuff” on your Instagram profile allows you to build your Instagram following faster. Instead of having to follow you on Snapchat, fans know they just have to check your one platform each day to see what you’re up to. Instagram also allows business accounts to “swipe up” so you can drive blog post traffic. Unless you have a strong Snapchate following from the old days, I suggest announcing that everything is going to be on Instagram and start just posting there. It doesn’t make sense to post on both platforms when you can instead migrate your Snapchat fans over to Instagram.

What do you think? Which one do you prefer to use? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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