Jeans For Curvy Ladies

Jeans For Curvy Ladies

As a curvy gal, I find shopping for jeans one of the most frustrating activities, ever. I have wide hips and a butt, but my waist is narrower. I’m not overweight, but I have a shape. And that translates to riding the struggle bus when it comes to jeans. 

Over the years, I’ve slowly discovered what to look for in jeans to make sure they will not only fit me, but compliment my curves as well. They have to be a mid or high rise to hug my hips and stay pulled up, but be made of stretchy material or be lose on the bottom to accommodate my curves. I prefer skinny or straight cut jeans to help streamline my profile, but enjoy a really good flare when I find one. So, to share my discoveries, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite current jeans for you fellow curvy ladies. 


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