5 Jumpsuits For Curvy Ladies

5 Jumpsuits For Curvy Ladies

As you know from last week’s On My Mind, I recently discovered that jumpsuits can, in fact, actually look good on curvy ladies like myself. All these years I’ve just been trying on the wrong jumpsuits. I know this because I’ve finally found this jumpsuit (pictured)¬†that I’m in love with. I bought it at a thrift store, so I can’t link it here, but I have instead rounded up 5 jumpsuits that I think will look great on fellow curvy ladies.¬†

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curvy plus size fashion blogGranted, I haven’t tried these on, but I really think they’d look great on curvy gals. Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to Margaret Elizabeth, the boutique that makes all the bangles and earrings I’m wearing. They have a local store here in San Francisco, but also sell everything online and I’m OBSESSED! with their jewelry. Check them out if you’re looking for some new pieces!


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