Living In San Francisco: A Week In The Life

Living In San Francisco: A Week In The Life

I get so many questions from readers about what it’s like living in San Francisco. The questions come from people thinking of moving here and people who are planning a trip. That sparked the idea to create a “week in the life” story for you, sharing what an average week here in San Francisco is like for me. To bring this story to life, I partnered up with Lyft, an on-demand car service at it’s finest. Come to the Bay Area and you’ll spot hundreds of cars sporting little pink mustaches in their dashboards (how cute is that?!)  

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 I hope this series helps either

  1.  inspires you to explore your own city more
  2.  move to San Francisco if you’ve been on the fence
  3.  gather San Francisco travel ideas.

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We woke up to a hot day and took a Lyft over to Cole Valley for a morning stroll and breakfast. I loved talking to our drivers each way. Our first one is a stay at home dad who drives a couple times a week just to get out of the house. We pointed our second driver in the direction of a great playground in Golden Gate Park. He wanted to take his kids somewhere fun the next day. 

Cole Valley is in that awkward distance from our apartment. It’s about 1.5 miles away. Not far enough to drive yourself, and it’s just far enough away that walking seems hard if you’re not in the mood. That’s why Lyfting is the answer when you’re heading to breakfast! Once we arrived, we soaked in the heat by walking around the valley. The houses are so cute here! Then we wandered over to Cafe Reverie to grab lox (salmon bagels) on their back patio. Read more here. 

Cole Valley walk in a floral dress - Whimsy SoulCafe Reverie, Cole Valley, San FranciscoCafe Reverie, Cole Valley, San Francisco



Last minute, $9 tickets to the Giants? Yes please! With the warm weather still lurking from the weekend before, Robin and I met downtown after work to grab drinks and a quick dinner at Local Tap. Burgers and brats for us! Then – game time! Usually, the stadium is really chilly. It’s right on the water and the fog likes to roll in and hang out in the bleachers, making it a game that you need to bundle up for. Expect- this game was right after a great heat streak in the city, so it was a nice treat to watch a baseball game on a warm evening for a change. The Giants ended up losing, but we had such a great evening together!

Since getting home from AT&T park is always a nightmare via public transportation, we grabbed a Lyft and relaxed as we were driven directly home.  

Giants Stadium baseball game

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After a particularly long day at work this past week, I needed to unwind in a major way, so Robin and I Lyfted up to the Sutro Forest for an evening hike. At this height, the sound of the city fades away and all you can hear are the birds and the wind through the leaves. To the West  is the ocean, sparkling in the sunset. To the North you can see the Golden Gate Bridge poking out behind hills. This spot it just a couple miles away from my apartment, but it hard to get to, even when you own a car, which is why we’ve never visited before. We’ll be Lyfting up for more evening hikes, I’m sure. You can read more here. 

Whimsy Soul Sutro ForestWhimsy Soul Sutro ForestWhimsy Soul Sutro Forest



As a late birthday gift to Robin, we embarked on a North Beach Food Tour and spent 3 hours eating and drinking the most wonderful Italian food. Since it’s far from our apartment, and parking is near impossible in North Beach, we Lyfted both ways. We had a great chat with our first driver about San Francisco life. She’s lived in the city for over 20 years. I always love hearing about how the city has changed and the history of neighborhoods as we drive through them. 

You can read more about the food tour here. After getting to know the history of North Beach and discovering so many new restaurants, I can’t wait to get back over there! It’s a corner of the city that isn’t easy to get to from our place, I always catch a ride over there. Don’t forget to use code WHIMSYSOUL for $50 on your first Lyft rides!

Avital Food Tour - Whimsy SoulAvital Food Tour - Whimsy SoulAvital Food Tour - Whimsy SoulAvital Food Tour - Whimsy Soul



If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@TheWhimsySoul), you know that every other month a group of local bloggers meet up for brunch. This month was at Starbelly in the Castro here in San Francisco. I love the Castro because of the scene – it’s the LGBT neighborhood and everything is adorned with rainbows and you always run into someone with an interesting story. I’m usually an early riser, but was just not feeling it this morning. So, I slept in and ended up calling my Lyft driver 10 minutes before brunch was supposed to start. Opps! Luckily, he got me there just in time!

I loved Starbelly’s back patio. I’ve ranted before about how hard it is finding good patios here in the city. I ordered their Loco Moco and highly recommend that dish if you ever visit! After we brunched and caught up with each other, some of us took a walk around the area. We found the famous rainbow sidewalk and I couldn’t help but snap a pick. 


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My life here is very much a whirlwind. Between working fulltime, Whimsy Soul and trying to have a bit of a social life, I’m always on the go. I wouldn’t know how I would get it all done if it wasn’t for ride sharing. I think I would just run out of time to do everything! For most of you who don’t juggle work and blogging, your life here will probably still look the same. Between our parks, games, eats and shopping, you’ll find yourself sprawling across the city each week. Same goes for visitors! I could spend a lifetime here in San Francisco and still not explore everything. Though it’s a little easier when you always know there’s a Lyft there to get you around. 

If you’re new to Lyft, try it out! Use code WHIMSYSOUL for $50 in free rides — that’ll get you far! And feel free to email me at hello(at) if you have any San Francisco travel questions! 

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Thank you Lyft for providing rides to complete this story. And thank you for supporting brands that support Whimsy Soul. 


  1. Amanda | Chasing My Sunshine
    May 18, 2016 / 7:23 am

    Oh you are slowly pushing me off the fence to move to San Francisco. I’ll have to start looking for children’s hospitals in the area. 🙂 I go back and forth with thinking it’s too expensive and I’m crazy for living there AND it would be such a fabulous place to live, why not do it when you don’t have a family to worry about?? We’ll see where life takes me, but this post is definitely a huge notch in the “Pro” column.

    And you can bet I am all over that North Beach food tour. Yum.

    • Kara
      May 22, 2016 / 4:47 pm

      There are a lot of really great medical centers here!! I think you would LOVE it here in SF – and you’re totally right. When you are young, don’t have kids or other major life things, it’s great to try out for at least a few years. Do it!!


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