Morning Hike on Hawk Hill

Morning Hike on Hawk Hill

After a summer of travel and late night pizza and beers, Robin and I are trying to get back into the swing of things.  This means more walks after work and hiking during the weekends. This past Saturday the weather was warmish for San Francisco, so I threw on my Athleta dress from Schoola, grabbed my travel mug, a lemon and my stash of Pique Tea for a 7am hike in the Marin Headlands. 

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco before, you’ve probably experienced just how crowded it gets with tourists here, so we like to do our hiking in the early morning before people start flooding the good spots. I like the peace, it helps me feel like I’m back in Wisconsin where you can’t always hear chatter from people and the sound of traffic. The only downside of morning hikes is waking up! I’m always an early riser, but Robin needs an extra kick. That’s why I like to bring English Breakfast tea with fresh squeezed lemon on morning hikes. Pique Tea is perfect for days like this. I can prep the hot water and lemon at home, and quickly dissolve the tea crystals into my mug. Nothing like a tasty drink to reward yourself during a hike! {snap up a free trial of Pique Tea HERE}

Volkswagon Passat at the Golden Gate BridgeHike on Hawk Hill San FranciscoPique Tea for hikingPique Tea English BreakfastPique Tea, Hawk Hill Marin HeadlandsGolden Gate Bridge View in Marin Headlands

I’ve been wanting to hike to Hawk Hill for a while now. The views are almost 360 of the Bay.  You can see all the way from the Transamerica building, Golden Gate Bridge, Land’s End and the lighthouse North of the city. Plus endless rolling Marin Headlands hills. To get to this spot, park at the Hawk Hill lot. It’s about the 3rd or 4th parking lot up the hill, so many tourists don’t come up that far. Walk down towards the second hill. You’ll have to wobble down a gnarly slope but the view is totally worth it. 

It’s usually windy and chilly up here, but today it wasn’t, so I was able to just wear my dress and scarf. I’d recommend bringing a sweater and or a jacket normally. 

Marin Headlands Hike, Athletica dressBlack Athletica dress, Marin Headlands dressHiking the Marin Headlands, San Francisco view of the bayPique Teadrinking tea on a hike in Marin Headlands

We camped out on the top of Hawk Hill for a bit, just sipping our tea and enjoying the view. Pique Tea just launched in Whole Foods in Norcal today. I love the earl grey tea or black tea in the mornings and Jasmine in the afternoons. If you’re planning a hike soon, try taking your favorite tea along with you. Pique Tea is instant, sourced from USDA-certified organic leaves and has no preservatives aka it’s a healthy choice. I always like to add a little lemon in my tea for extra flavor and vitamins. You can find Pique Tea’s whole tea collection in Whole Foods Norcal or snap up a free trial of Pique Tea HERE (drink up!)

Next weekend we’re heading for Yosemite for three days and you best believe we’ll be hiking every morning! 


Thank you for Pique Tea for sponsoring this post. 


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