My Secret To Healthy Hair

My Secret To Healthy Hair

I’ve had long, wild hair all my life and it’s taken me 24 years to finally nail down a killer routine for healthy hair. 

DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection, a new French hair care solution that’s sold just at Target (aka the bae store), makes this amazing clay mask and shampoo. They sent over some for me to try and I’m officially putting it in my hair care routine. I have this problem where my scalp/roots are always greasy, but the ends of my hair are always dry and brittle. I’ve been playing around with different treatments and this is my new secret to healthy hair:

I apply DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Mask on my roots and then I apply olive oil on my ends. Yes, olive oil, you read that right. It’s cheap, natural and is great at softening my ends while the clay mask works on removing oil from my roots. I then rinse with the DESSANGE Paris Balancing Shampoo (it’s a two-part deal) which is also specialized to moisten ends. Mine are currently so dry that I’ll be using olive oil for a few more washes until I can rely just on the clay mask and shampoo.

Alos, I loved the color of the clay mask – is it strange that I kind of want to paint my bathroom that mint clay green?


DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection

Clay masks date back in history and this is a modern version of one. For those you aren’t familiar, clay absorbs oil from your hair while purifying your scalp to help it produce less oil in the future. I wish this was around during my hectic, oily teenage days. I’ve been using my DESSANGE Paris and olive oil  combo a couple times a week and it’s been a huge improvement on my hair health. And the best part is that the clay masks is only $11.99 and the shampoo is $9.99 at Target. Holla to you fellow broke girls out there.



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