My Secret To Healthy Skin

My Secret To Healthy Skin

As I’ve mentioned before, I have sensitive skin. I grew up with eczema and while I’ve mostly grown out of it, I still get rashes here and there. It also means that my skin is uber picky about what I can put on it. I always look for lotions and cleansers that are easy on skin (ex: free of lanolin or perfumes). VMV Hypoallergenics is a great brand that I’ve recently discovered and haven’t been able to stop using their products. Every single product in their line is tested for allergen and most of them are 100% free of allergens, which is so hard to find in a brand.

I always start the day out by washing it with a gentle cleanser. I love VMV’s Moisture Rich Mild Mannered Cleansing Scrub. (They also have a stellar cleansing milk for when I want to go extra easy on my skin.)  Because my skin is combination, the lotion I apply afterwards depends on how my skin feels. If it’s really dry, I apply olive oil – yes, right from the bottle! If it’s really oily and I’m fighting off acne, I use an acne face moisture by Target and if it’s a normal day I use a general moisturizer such as VMV’s Creamy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk. 

I wish I had known about VMV sooner, especially because of their toner. This stuff is magic, I swear! You use it a couple times a week and slowly work your way up to a couple times a day, but you can also spot-treat patches to help clear them right away. I had a pimple on my chin and in just two days, it was almost gone. Robin has pretty bad acne for an adult, so I’ve been putting us both on the VMV Superskin 1 Monolaurin + Mandelic Acid Toner regiment and I’ll let you know how our skin looks in a couple months!


VMV is based in New York City, but has their products in spas around the nation. VMW reached out to me a few weeks ago and invited me to The Hayes Valley Medical Center  to have a body wrap using VMW products, and also learn more about them in general. The Hayes Valley Medical Center is actually the only location in San Francisco that has VMV products, so if you’re looking for a spa that uses hypoallergenic products, go here!

I’ve also officially decided that they’re “my spa” now. It took me a few years in Minneapolis to “find the one” (you know what I mean) and The Hayes Valley Medical Center is “the one” in San Francisco. My body wrap was amazing, they used only VMV products and the staff was very kind. Plus, they showed me how to use a dry brush to help manage cellulite. I’ve been using it every day, so we’ll see how my legs looks in a few weeks. I want to note that I’m in no way ashamed of the cellulite on my legs – it’s a totally natural thing about life! But I am curious it see if dry brushing will actually remove it. Apparently dry brushing helps loosen up that fat and let it disperse into your body. The key is to rub your legs in a circular motion upwards towards the heart. And if you use it on your stomach, rub in a clockwise motion.

So, anyways, that’s my secret to healthy skin. It’s important to know your skin type and how it reacts to certain products so you can alway keep it happy. I also drink a ton of water and use BB cream with SPF15 every day to protect my skin from the sun. Don’t forget this part, it’s really important!



  1. Claire J
    December 13, 2015 / 4:46 am

    I’d like to try the VMV moisture milk for my very dry rough skin.

      December 13, 2015 / 6:37 pm

      It’ll help so much!!!

  2. Lisa
    March 18, 2016 / 6:13 am

    For those who have tried this product, I’d like to know how effective is it. I’d love to try it myself. I’m just quite afraid of the price factor Hope its not that expensive too. Thanks for sharing this post.

      March 18, 2016 / 9:49 am

      Lisa – I truly LOVE this brand so much. I have sensitive + dry skin and the array of products I use don’t irritate my face or dry it out. If you’re going to invest in a beauty line, this is it, I promise 🙂


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