Natural Beauty 101

Natural Beauty 101

Natural beauty products – what do you need to know? More importantly, why do you need to be using them? This conversation actually started here a few months back when Robin and I were talking about deodorants and the chemicals in them. I got a little irked out by the idea that we were applying so many toxins to our bodies from just one little stick, and made us hunt for something cleaner that night. And ever since I’ve been thinking a lot of natural beauty products, so it was perfect timing when Whole Foods Market reached out and asked me to try their Hello, Beauty! bag in celebration of Beauty Week.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Whole Foods Market’s beauty bag was PACKED with high quality, organic and plant-derived products. It also came with a few pamphlets detailing ingredients and uses, so it made the perfect crash course in all things natural beauty for me. So now I can share my knowledge with you!

A great fact to hit you off with is this: 60% of everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. 60%!!! As a result, the average American women puts hundreds of toxins on her body every day, and that number is probably higher for beauty addicts like you and me. That is not ok. The easiest way to start choosing safer and more natural products is to start actually reading labels (who else just doesn’t do that as much as you should?). Find things that use oils, are derived from plants, aren’t tested on animals and bonus points for sporting an organic label. 

Whole Foods Market Hello Beauty Bag

Another easy way is to start with a Whole Foods Market beauty bag if you’re a beginner. Right away I switched my old mascara for the Mineral Fusion mascara in the bag. This one has things like beeswax, aloe and argan oil in it instead of Parabens and retinol (read: not good). The Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub made from Moroccan red play and argan stem cells is another favorite. I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad microbeads in scrubs are for the environment and this is a good alternative. I’ve also been slathering on the Rose Hip oil in place of moisturizer. Oils are becoming very trendy, but have been used by women ever since we’ve started beauty routines thousands of years ago. Not sure where to start on oils? I’ve got you:

Sensitive Skin: Try Tamanu oil. It’s native to Polynesia and is used by local women for beautiful skin. Or look for Rose Hip oil which is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, and doesn’t bother my skin 

Oily/Combination Skin: Neem oil is for you. It’s an Ayurvedic oil that is great at treating irritated skin. 

Dry Skin: Look for products with Marula oil, which helps protect the natural skin barrier. Or try Baobab oil which is packed with vitamin C. 

If you’re set on swapping out some of your beauty products, I’d highly recommend heading to your local Whole Foods to pick up some oils and/or organic beauty products. Want a limited addition Hello, Beauty! bag? It’s worth over $80, but currently being sold for $15. Profits go to a business who’s mission is to end human tracking. Get going girl! 


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