NeuLASH – Why This Is The Best Product To Grow Natural Lashes

NeuLASH – Why This Is The Best Product To Grow Natural Lashes

Earlier this spring I tried false lashes for the first time, ever. I went to a salon here in San Francisco and fell in love with the way they made my eyes pop for the next 4 weeks. All my life, I’ve had stubby eyelashes. Even with the latest mascara which claims to helps my lashes look longer, nothing has ever been able to help my poor little lashes the same way that these false ones did. But the problem is, too keep the look up, you have to have them filled every 4ish weeks (plus I hated how I couldn’t really rub my eyes or they’d fall out) so I started researching beauty products that I could use at home. 

NeuLASH from Skin Research Labs kept popping up here and there as great beauty secret to growing out your own eye lashes, so I took it upon myself to try it out and share my review with you guys. Let me make it clear up front: I went into this process totally not buying into the idea that by just swiping a bit of this product on each night for a month could actually transform my lashes. It seemed too simple. 

Guys – my lashes have never looked so beautiful with NeuLASH!

After about a month of applying NeuLASH each night, I started noticing a difference. My lashes seemed a bit longer, a bit more full. It was around week 6, though, that I swear overnight my lashes grew a centimeter. I woke up, applied mascara and was like WHOA baby! My eye lashes are now as long as they were when I wore the false ones. So, not only is this awesome beauty product really simple to use, but it works pretty dang fast. I’ve read that once you get your lashes to your desired length, you can start using it a few times a week to maintain the length, and make your tube last longer. It’s $95-150 for a tube (price varies by size and where you buy it), but a set of false lashes costs at least $100 at a good place, and you have to keep spending a $100 each month.

Or, you can grow your own lashes with NeuLASH. I highly recommend it – leave a comment below if you use NeuLASH or have questions! 

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Neulash review Neulash review

Thank you to NeuLASH for providing complimentary product to write this review.


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