On My Mind No. 4

On My Mind No. 4

Wowza, this week my planner was packed and all I want right now is a bottle of wine and a night on the sofa with Netflix. Got any movie recommendations?

On top of having a busy week myself, I feel like the nation has been having a busy week as well. From the GOP debate to the Valley Fire just a bit north of me to a kid being arrested because he built a clock and happens to be Muslim, there’s been a lot to keep up with. So, what’s on my mind this week?

1// The Skimm: I’ve been reading the Skimm for about a month now and highly recommend that you sign up for their daily morning newsletters. Basically, they skim everything that happened in the news and round it up for you in a witty newsletter. It’s how I now stay updated with everything and how I’m able to work in Syria, the China stock market crisis or the GOP debate into convos and actually know what I’m talking about. Sign up HERE.

2// Millennials Aren’t Entitled, We’re Screwed: This is a very good article that explores our generation and the struggles we’re facing. While every generations has their own battles from war to economic depressions, Gen Y is especially screwed for a variety of reasons (highest tuition rates ever, high unemployment rate, poverty, just to name a few).  If it bothers you as much as it bothers me when older people call me and my peers “lazy”, read this to know the facts.

3// THIS Goggle Umbrella. It’s actually starting to kinda rain here in San Francisco. Since moving here, I haven’t bought an umbrella because over the past 10 months it rained once. On Easter Day. But this past week has been mostly cloudy skies and light rain. Time for me to actually get an umbrella and this is the one I can’t stop thinking about. A little bit because it reminds me of How I Met Your Mother.

4// SF Fashion Community Week: Fashion week is coming to San Francisco, and while it’s nothing compared to NYFW, there’s still some great shows and events going down that I’ll be going to. Are you local to the Bay Area? Get tickets to shows HERE. Maybe we’ll bump into each other?


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  1. September 18, 2015 / 2:50 pm

    I’m obsessed with the Skimm! I used to get so disheartened reading the news and I found that I would just go weeks without reading it, which meant I was just ill-informed. I love the funny/witty writing and I find that I never get too overwhelmed. Great outfit!


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