On My Mind No.2

On My Mind No.2

So this is the last week that I’m 23 (my birthday is on Labor Day this year!) and I always love how it aligns with the end of summer. It was really easy to keep track of time when I was younger and went to school. The New Year for me has always felt like September, not January. New season, new age, new  grade, new year. But this week, instead of focusing on the new, what’s been on my mind is soaking up the last of summer and this past year. 

1//  L.E.J. Summer 2015: I’ve had their video on repeat this past week. Can’t. Stop. Listening. If you haven’t seen L.E.J.’s Summer 2015 song/video yet, get to it! They’re a group of (French?) girls who made a mashup of top songs of the summer. They use only their voices, a cello and a drum and it’s like sex for the ears. Yeah, I just said that.

2// Narcos: Another Netflix original that was released last week and something that I’ve been binge watching like cray-cray. It has the same mood of Breaking Bad, but it’s about cocaine in Columbia in the 80’s instead of meth in America. 100% addicting and I’m actually learning some history about the country so I don’t feel bad at all for watching 5 episodes in a row. Education!

3// Hummus, the Fashionable Cat: I literally LOLed when I read about this cat. Hummus has feline leukemia so he can’t play with other cats due to health risks. So each week his owner dresses him up in fabulous clothes to make him feel better. And he looks damn good. Stop. I’m crying. If only my cat would let me do this.

What’s on your mind this week?

photo by whatsgabycooking.com


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