On My Mind – Now Coming Weekly!

On My Mind – Now Coming Weekly!

Welcome to On My Mind, a new weekly segment where I can share what’s on my mind and things I’m digging – like what book I’m currently reading or a fun article I’ve found online.  Things I wouldn’t normally share that I actually want to share with you. So, here’s the first one. Welcome to this week’s On My Mind.

1// The Golden Compass (and other childhood books).

When Robin and I were home in Wisconsin in August, I raided my old bookshelves and took back a stack of books that I loved growing up. I brought back so many books that my suitcase was too heavy. Opps. I just finished the Golden Compass and am starting A Wrinkle In Time next. Cheers to old favorites!

2// Creative Market

I’ve been obsessed with this site for years. Basically, any designer anywhere can make anything (website templates, fonts, graphics, etc) and sell it on Creative Market. It’s a great place to get design assets and is a source of inspiration, plus you can download free goods each week – a great resource if you blog!

3// Why Life Can Be Like Running A Marathon

“If you’ve ever run a marathon then you’ll know the highs and lows that occur throughout your entire 26.2 miles. One moment you’re punching the air and high-fiving strangers, the next you’re walking and contemplating phoning a friend to just meet you on the corner and pick you up and take you away.” This stuck with me since it’s exactly what life can be like, especially for me right now and is a short post that you need to  read for a little life perspective and inspiration.

4// Lobster Mac & Cheese

I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving Lobster Mac & Cheese and I’ve never even had it before. You can bet that Robin and I are going to be making this recipe this week. Nom Nom!

So, that’s what’s on my mind this week. What’s on yours?


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