How To Pick Your Blog Title
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How To Pick Your Blog Title

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So, you decided to start a blog. Congrats! As a full-time blogger, it was the best decision I ever made. Before you go crazy and start writing blog posts like crazy, the first step is to name your blog the perfect, most awesome name that can stand the test of time. Here’s how to pick your blog title. 

Decide 2-3 Topics To Focus On

First, narrow down what you want to blog about. For me, I knew I wanted to write about fashion and travel, so that decision influenced the type of names I considered titling my blog.

Make A Word Bubble

Once you narrow down your topics of choice, make a word bubble of styles or things you associate with those topics. My bubble has words like “boho”, “whimsical”, “wanderer” which eventually lead to the name Whimsy Soul being born. This is a great way to get out all your ideas into one place.

Write Down A Possible Titles + Word Combos

Once you have some good words, start forming those into titles and title combos. Mine looked something like this:

  • Travel Soul
  • Whimsical Style
  • Boho Nomad Blog
  • Colorful Travels
  • Meaningful Travels

From that, I saw that “Whimsical” And “Soul” would pair well together. I then shortened it to “Whimsy Soul”. Try the same tactic when brainstorming what to name your blog.

Make It Short & Easy To Remember

When in doubt, make your blog short and easy to remember. Nobody likes typing in long urls or handles on social. Hard to spell words are a big no-no as well. If people can’t easily type or find your blog, they will give up instead of trying to get it right.

Skip The “And”

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there are WAY too many blogs that root themselves in “and”. Champagne And Heels. Pearls And Coffee. Purses And Lipstick… you get the drill. Be unique! You can do better, and stand out from that crowd that way.

Check If the URL Is Available

After you find your perfect name, head right to GoDaddy to see if the url is available. If it is, snap it up! If it’s not, figure out how you can tweak the name to match an available url. I was lucky and was free, but my backup was going to be

Check Social Media

Next, check all the handles of the major social platforms to see if your blog name is free. If it isn’t, again, you’ll have to tweak your name to get a free handle. For me, @whimsysoul was taken, so I went with @thewhimsysoul. Sometimes all you need is “the” or an underscore. Remember not to make your handle too long or hard to read!

Wait A Few Days

Before you settled on a blog name forever, wait a few days. It’s like my rule for getting a tattoo- sit on it. Ask people what they think of it. If you still like it in a few days, it’s probably a good name.


Those are my tips on how to pick your blog title. I hope this is helpful for you when it’s time to start and name your blog! Good luck on your blogging journey. 🙂

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