How To Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically
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How To Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically

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Yes, you can schedule Instagram posts automatically. No, I’m not talking about apps like Plann or Later which let you plan everything but still require you to manually post. I’m going to share my secret to automatically posting to Instagram.

It’s called Hopper HQ and it’s a game changer. This service is the only one I know of that will actually post to Instagram for you. Just like the other planning apps, their easy interface allows you to upload posts, write captions, even choose the first comment so you can distribute your hashtags. Then, you pick the time and date you want to post and – BOMB, it posts it for you. Talk about a game changer!

I still prefer to post manually when I’m home, but it’s a lifesaver when I’m traveling. When I’m abroad and either don’t have wifi/service, or don’t want to wake up at 3am to post at my regular PST time, I use Hopper to post for me. It was also nice to use when I was getting married as that week I was too busy to remember to post to Instagram, but I still had posts that needed to go out.

This Instagram post from my honeymoon? Used Hopper to post it!

I recommend investing in Hopper HQ to use at the very least while traveling or to post sponsored posts that have to go out at a certain time. This is handy if you work a fulltime job and can’t always sneak 5 minutes for Instagram in the middle of the workday. Think – now you can spend a full Sunday writing and scheduling all you Instagram posts for an entire month. Think of all the time you can save! The only cons of Hopper is that you can’t tag brands or a geo-location, so you have to go back afterward to update those things. Not a huge con considering how much time it saves you!

So, would you use Hopper HQ? If not, what tool do you use? I’d love to hear below.

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