Socks with heels - nerdy or chic?

Socks With Heels: Nerdy Or Chic?

socks with heels
socks and heels socks and heels 
socks and heels socks and heels IMG_7577IMG_7socks and heels socks and heels 
Socks // Forever21
Dress (similar) // Target 
Heels (similar) // Payless 
Clutch (similar) // Prada 

The problem I face, though, is all my shoes hide my socks so I thought “hmmm… what if I wore them with heels”. Β I paired them with these blue slingbacks and was utterly torn on how I felt about the sock/heel combo. Did I love it? Did I hate it? Is it goofy yet chic or just plain goofy?

So I thought I’d ask you guys. Do you wear socks and heels? Are they nerdy or chic?

While taking these photos, an old man passed me and gushed over my watermelon socks, so maybe I’m rocking them. But on second thought, I’m pretty sure he was also wearing tall socks over his pants, so I’m not sure if I can trust his opinion.

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