Sparkle Shoes Make You Happy

Sparkle Shoes Make You Happy

YOU CAN’T BE SAD WHEN WEARING SPARKLE SHOES. You just can’t. I spotted these babies in Target during their BYGO 50% off deal and knew I had to take them home. We all have those lazy outfits when you really want to just roll into work still wrapped up in your blanket, but obvi you can’t. Unless you have a really chill boss.

curvy blogger _MG_5649 _MG_5688

That’s why I love extra fun clothing items like these shoes – you can pair them with a something ultra comfy like a sweater and leggings and BAM, the second you put these babies you, it looks like you actually put effort into getting ready that morning. Magic.

Here I’ve paired them with my Forever21 Marble Maxi Dress (currently sold out, boo) and my floppy black hat from Target. I love mixing girly and boyish styles together. The contrast keeps old outfits fun.

Shoes//Target   Hat//Target   Dress (sold out)//Forever21   Cat Bag//Studio Ink


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