Summers In San Francisco

Summers In San Francisco
Hat, Shirt (no longer sold), Jeans // Target
Cardigan // Gap
Necklace // Forever21

I know a place
Where the grass is really greener
Warm, wet and wild
There must be something in the water
Sippin gin and juice
Laying underneath the palm trees..

hahahaha jk summer in San Francisco is nothing like this. June Gloom is 100% a thing in the Bay Area – fog, fog, and, you guessed it, more fog! Coming from Wisconsin where we get 4 very distinct seasons, having summer be even more mild than winter is still something I’m adjusting to. I’m used to insane heat and humidity in the summer, so it’s still strange to me that I need to wear jeans and a sweater in June. My closet is full of summer dresses but now I only really wear them outside of the city, like when we visit the East Bay or Napa. If you’ve never been to San Francisco, we have a very weird micro climate here. Fog and wind just hovers over the city and only the city – you can see it when you’re driving. I always imagine the “Jaws” song playing as we get closer and closer to the fog cloud.

So, I’ve been adjusting my wardrobe to fit this new season. More jeans and more cardigans! If you’re planning a trip to the Bay Area in the summer, but really any time of the year, make sure to pack like it’s fall where you’re from.

Ok, reading this post over again, I’m making it sound really depressing here – it’s not! I love this city and I actually really like how stable the weather is. It makes it easier to shop since I know I can wear something all year round -hehe. I do get intense cravings for heat and beaches, though, but Napa is just an hour away and LA is 5, so I have the best of both worlds.


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