If you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter (all @TheWhimsySoul), you know that a couple weeks ago I attended the Brit & Co Re:Make conference. Thistle hosted lunch for the event and I immediately fell in love with their cold press juice. So. Delicious. Afterwards, Thistle reached out to me and sent over a whole day’s worth of meals for me to try out. Thistle is a food delivery service in the Bay Area that specializes in healthy, raw food (think vegan, vegetarian, limited meats) but are unique since they actually taste good. If you follow a clean eating diet, you know what I mean.


Thistle’s 1-Day Delivery comes with 3 meals, 2 juices and a cup of chia seed pudding for a snack. I loved how each meal is packaged in a way that is spill-prof. I could totally see myself grabbing the Green Apple & Avocado Breakfast Salad or the Raw Stirfry Lunch and shoving it in my purse on the way to catch the bus, only to get to work with everything in my purse instead of the container. I’m clumsy like that, so thanks for having my back, Thistle!thistle-whimsysoul-7

I’m uber picky about my clean eating/healthy meals. Call me crazy, but I like to eat something that taste good AND fills me up long enough to get me to the next meal. So many raw, healthy salads and meals skimp on ingredients, but not Thistle. They jam pack SO many things into each recipe and juice and you can’t possibly be hangry again in 30 minutes. Yes, hangry.thistle-whimsysoul-1


I’ve been meaning to do a healthy food and juice cleanse since Robin and I have been eating pretty bad the past couple of months. There’s only a certain amount of pizzas one can have before you feel like your body hates you. Thistle offers a juice cleanse package that I’ve been eyeing and I defiantly like the idea of eating all Thistle meals for a week in replace of another cleanse. If you’re in the Bay Area and are looking for top-notch raw and healthy meals, I highly recommend Thistle. Official Kara Stamp Of Approval. BOOM!

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  1. October 20, 2015 / 9:58 am

    I’m such a sucker for cold pressed juices and healthy food. Looks delicious!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

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