Packing Tips For A Weekend Away

Packing Tips For A Weekend Away

With Christmas around the corner, I’ve got packing on my mind. While Robin and I aren’t visiting home this year, we are going on a fun weekend trip tomorrow that I’ve been packing for (add me on Snapchat and Instagram @TheWhimsySoul to follow along).  As a former notorious over-packer, each time we go on an adventure, I always had to take about 1/2 the things out of my bag before leaving. I’m so much better at packing now and really appreciate less while traveling. The key is in thinking ahead and planning out outfits. For weekends away, you really don’t need as much as you think you do! Here’s my quick tips:

  1. Think through everything you’ll be doing and what sort of clothes you may need for those activities. Pull out the clothes that come to mind and lay them on your bed. Then, try to cut down that pile by half. It’s ok to wear the same jean or shirt twice, I promise! 
  2. Only bring 2 pairs of shoes (3 max!). Shoes take up so much room and you really don’t need that many most of the time.  Since it is winter, I’ll be bringing two pairs of boots. One to walk around all day in and one that’s a bit nicer to go to dinner in. If it was the summer, I’d bring flats for the day and fancier shoes – either comfy heels or nice flats. I’ll bring a third for special cases, like if I’m also going to a wedding.
  3. On the note of “how manys” stick to 1-2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shorts or skirt (if it’s warm out), 1 sweater, 1 coat, a pair of yoga pants to sleep in and wear while traveling, a t-shirt to sleep in, 1-3 blouses and one dress. Less less less. You get the idea.  Depending on what you’ll be doing, make sure to bring a swimsuit, a select few pieces of jewelry and a condensed version of your makeup bag. Remember to “double up” and bring pieces that have multiple functions (like yoga pants that double as pjs and for travel). 
  4. Avoid checking your bag and instead fit everything into your carry-on. Roll your socks into your shoes, roll your clothes instead of folding and put everything you need on the plane/car on top for easy access. If you have too much to fit into your carry-on, take some stuff out. Carry-on bags means you don’t have to wait at luggage claim and that time on shorter trips away can be very valuable! And remember to stick your carry-on liquids like shampoos into plastic bags so they don’t ruin anything if it explodes. That’s happened a few times to be before I learned.. 
  5. Skip the laptop for short trips away. Instead, bring your iPad if you have one for reading on the plane, and if you don’t – don’t worry! Adventures away are supposed to be adventures, not screen time.

*From the photo above: I would not recommend bringing your cat. Anakin just refused to move for the photo! 

Pictured above (or those like it) and other clothing items I’d pack in a heartbeat. 

I’m VERY excited for our weekend trip tomorrow. I’m keeping the location under wraps for now, but revealing it on Snapchat and Instagram, so add me to follow along (it’s a good one, I promise!) Now, let’s see if I can follow my own tips and pack light! 

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