Wearing Your Bra French Style

Wearing Your Bra French Style

After reading Cup of Jo’s recent post about how American’s and the French wear bras differently, I wanted to try out the French way of doing it. Here in America, we cover up our bras. They barley see the light of day, but in France, your bra is part of your outfit, not just a tool you wear under your outfit. They let is show, in classy ways of course. White bra under white shirt. A little bit of lace peaking out instead of a cami. 

To try this out, I paired this lace bra with my Lou & Grey white pop-on shirt. The front dips down into a low v, offering the perfect chance to have a little bit of lace peek out a la French style. 


Shirt // Lou & Grey   Bra + Bag + Heels // Target  

Jeans // Nordstrom    Earrings // Margaret Elizabeth

Lou & Grey Blouse - Whimsy SoulLou & Grey Blouse - Whimsy SoulLou & Grey Blouse - Whimsy SoulLou & Grey Blouse - Whimsy SoulLou & Grey Pants. At the Marina in San FranciscoLou & Grey Blouse - Whimsy Soul

I was worried that I would spend the whole day pulling up my shirt, but that wasn’t the case.

The second you start thinking of your bra as part of your outfit, the taboo feeling around it goes away. 

In the end,  I loved how this look is casual but chic. Sometimes all you need is to channel your inner Parisian, pop on a lace bra and white blouse and call it a day. 


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