Winter Over The Knee Boots

Winter Over The Knee Boots
Back home in Wisconsin, there’s a running joke that late fall/early winter is Han Solo Season. As in, all the girl whip out their almost matching mid-calf brown faux leather boots and wear ’em nonstop until the snow melts. I grew up approaching winter footwear with this mindset – either you wear Han Solo boots or heavy-duty snow boots. There wasn’t room for something in-between. It took moving to California to change my mindset on winter boots, specifically how over the knee boots are a game-changer for cold weather.

And yes, I realize that living in a climate that doesn’t have snow allows FAR more shoe options in the winter, but I do think I got stuck in a huge rut while living in the Midwest. Why did nobody tell me about over the knee boots? Pop some thick tights on and BOOM, I could have actually worn dresses in the winter without freezing my butt off!  They are literally giant boots that keep almost your entire leg covered and warm… I used to survive -10degree winter on a regular basis. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT OTKs?!

sunglasses cactus

On warmer days, pair them with a button skirt and sweater, like here.

On cold days, pull some tights on and wear your favorite summer dress.

On freaking cold days when it’s -20 without windchill, thermal socks, jeans, 7 sweaters, 14 scarfs, 2 hats and a pair of gloves should do the trick.

Anyways, that’s my rant about OTK’s and how they are the perfect winter boot for the gal who still values fashion, even if the weather outside is trying to kill her.

tan over the knee boots red sweater blue skirt
red sweater sunglasses
tan over the knee boots red sweater blue skirt

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