5 Tips for Online Thrifting

5 Tips for Online Thrifting

Gone are the days of scouring your town’s local thrift stores and here are the days of online consignment. While I must admit, there is something wonderful about digging through a pile of clothes and finding THE ONE, but it also takes a lot to get there. A lot of time, mostly, and a lot of bag eggs along the way. That’s why I’ve been addicted to online thrifting lately. There are so many great online consignment stores (like thredUP, Swap and Poshmark) that have hundreds of curated clothing items. Since this trend is only growing, I wanted to share my 5 tips for online thrifting. 

Don’t be afraid to buy something “out there”: Half the fun of thrifting is finding something a little wacky and rocking it. I once found an oversized fur vest (think Macklemore in Thrift Shop) and now love it wear it as a statement piece. Look for jean jackets with patches, colorful dresses or clothes that aren’t your normal style. You may find a “treasure piece”!

Measure yourself before and be strict on sizing: Since you can’t try on the clothes, and usually return policies are strict with thrift stores, you have to be harsh on sizing. Make sure to know your measurements well and only buy things that fit those measurements.

Look for designer labels: Online thrift stores are filled with great designer labels, but you usually have to hunt for something wonderful. I suggest looking at the coats, bags and dress section for a real designer gem. 

Stock up on things you need next season: If it’s summer, stock up on fall pieces. The prices will be lower and you’ll have a brand new wardrobe all ready for when the season starts. 

Stay away from the shoes: Sometimes thrift stores will get brand new shoes from donations, but usually they have been worn, at least a little. Shoes get a lot of wear and scuff marks. The quality degraded quickly and thus aren’t worth buying online when you can’t see them in person. 

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My top is from thredUP and my jeans are from Buffalo Exchange – both are thrifted! I normally don’t wear croptops that are so short, but I really loved the pattern in this top and I couldn’t help but try it out. Plus, it was only $4, so no damage done!  I’ve gathered my favorite thrifted items below for you to shop — everything is under $25. I also included my accessories, which aren’t thrifted (bracelets from doublehighfive bk).