5 Ways to Treat Yo Self At Home

5 Ways to Treat Yo Self At Home


Growing older has changed me, but one big way is that I now always make “me” time happen. From enjoying a glass of wine and watching a romance movie without Robin to painting my nails, I believe everyone needs to get in the habit of treating yo’ selves. Since it’s winter and gross outside, I’ve listed out my top favorite ways to treat yo’ self at home – putting on real pants is not required! 

  1. Bubble bath with Lush bath bombs are my go-to way to unwind after a long day. Lush is famous for their array of amazing bath bombs that smell as good as they look. Stock up on them here. 
  2. In-home massage is for sure the way to go. I personally hate putting on real pants and lugging myself across town to get a massage, only to have to lug myself back. Since I live in San Francisco where everything is possible, I recently booked a treatment with Deidre, a wonderful massage therapist  in the Bay Area who comes to your home! She’s a pro at creating a massage that’s tailored to you (looking at you back pain from starring at computers all day). Best part is her 60 minutes sessions are just $100, which is a killer deal especially when leaving the house and putting real pants on isn’ required. If you are in San Francisco, totally check her out here! And tell her I sent you for $25 off!
  3. A bottle of wine and The Bachelor. I don’t care if you think you hate the Bachelor. I’m here to tell you that it’s funny and the perfect thing to watch when you need to unwind. Or need a confidence boost. Everything on that show is so outrageous and I always feel 100% more relaxed after wine and an episode. Join the club!
  4. Yes To Carrots Face Mask – they have an array of face masks available so you can get the one that fits your skin type best. I personally love to light a candle, pop one on and listen to some music while my face gets all purty. 
  5. Ordering takeout. Robin and I cook almost every meal, so ordering take out is a treat for us. I personally always order Chinese or Deep Crust pizza. NOM. No dishes!

I hope these tips help you treat yo’ self this winter!


*thanks to Deidre for a complimentary session! All opinions are my own.