The 6 Ultimate Wedding Planning Tools to Use to Avoid A Meltdown

The 6 Ultimate Wedding Planning Tools to Use to Avoid A Meltdown

Hi ladies! Welcome to another Wedding Wednesday! This is THE BIG ONE – the post where I share my 6 Ultimate Wedding Planning Tools to use in order to avoid a meltdown. Or turning into bridezilla! We’re not using a wedding planner, so it’s just us manning details as big as the venue down to what colors the flowers need to be on table number 4. Thankfully, i’ve been able to find a handful of life-saving wedding planning tools to help me manage.

  1. Pinterest: I know you have a wedding board filled with pins. I’m pretty sure every woman does. When you get engaged. now is the time to visualize your real wedding,  jump back into the board and weed out images that don’t fit. When you start working with others- from your fiancé to mother to florist, having a honed collection of images to convey what you are hoping your wedding will look like makes it 100% easier for everyone to get on board. After all, saying “ I want a rustic chic backyard wedding” looks different depending on who you ask.
  2. THIS Amazing Checklist: I’ve been relying on WeddingWire as a central hub for a lot of planning details, and I think the most important is their amazing checklist. There are a bunch of pre-built tasks that you may not have thought of and suggestive due dates based on your actual wedding day. It’s easy to add new things to the list or delete ones that you don’t need. My wedding is about 6 months away (yikes!) and it’s so helpful having a list of things with due dates to keep me focus and organized.
  3. The Budget Tool! My next favorite tool from WeddingWire is their budget tool. Just like with the checklist, the system has suggested items and suggested prices based on what you set your budget at. When you start booking vendors, you can input prices and easily see how much money you have left in your budget, and maybe areas you can cut back in.
  4. has always been my go-to for communicating color schemes with others. I’ve used this tool personally for years – everything from creating schemes for college presentations to decorating a room off a central color theme. It’s very important that you set a color palette and find out what those colors pantone and hex numbers are. Colors look different on screens and each printer usually prints colors a bit different. Peach means one thing to one printer, and a totally different color to another. When finding dresses, linens, flowers, invites, etc, talk to your vendor in pantone to make sure everyone is one the same page. The last thing you want to for all the blues in your wedding to be different shades! I actually suggest screenshoting your color chart once it’s set to show to vendors or keep handy on your phone. If you need help just getting started on colors, check this out.
  5. Zola Registry: I’m sure you’ve been seeing their ads on Pinterest, and I had to check it out myself. I instantly fell in love with how modern Zola feels, and how easy it is to set up. Of course they have the standard kitchen and bath products to add to your registry, but they also have experiences (like wine tasting or fishing classes) and you can even set up a fund guests can donate to, like a honeymoon fund. You can easily add links to your wedding website to integrate it on whatever platform you use.
  6. Wedding Wire’s Seating Chart Tool: I swear every single rom-com I watch has that one scene where some bride is flipping out over their seating chart. Use WeddingWire’s seating chart tool to avoid being THAT bride. It’s easy to design your layout, asking seats and move people around, all online. No crazy poster board needed!

So, those are my 6 ultimate wedding planning tools I’ve been using to plan my wedding! It’s a crazy process, but don’t lose your head. My suggestion is to start by building a profile at WeddingWire and taking it from there!

Happy planning, ladies!

6 Ultimate Wedding Planning Tools

Thank you to Wedding Wire for sponsoring this post. I do use Wedding Wire personally and all opinions are my own.