Fourth of July Style

Fourth of July Style

I’m just like Paulette from Legally Blonde. I love eating hot dogs on 4th of July, on top of fireworks, bonfires and spending time with friends, of course. But hot dogs first. This is our first summer away from the Midwest and our usual tradition of backyard grilling and fireworks watching with family, so we’ve been trying to think of a good new tradition. I thought perhaps cuddling on the beach during a sunset and lighting sparklers would be fun, so we tried it out this past week during a rare (almost) fog-less San Francisco evening.

Whimsy Soul - 4th of July 1 Whimsy Soul 4th of July 3 Whimsy Soul 4th of july 4 Whimsy Soul 6 Whimsy Soul 4th of july 8 Whimsy Soul 4th og july 2 Whimsy Soul 4th of July 12 Whimsy Soul 4th of july 5 Whimsy Soul 4th of July 10 Whimsy Soul 7Turns out, trying to light sparklers on the beach is just impossible – the wind just wasn’t making it easy. I finally got one lit since I dipped it down in a trash can to block the wind. (The blogging life isn’t always glamorous, folks.) But we had fun regardless and I really loved wearing my new Mint Julep Blouse there since it billowed perfectly in the wind. Kinda felt like a princess. Mint Julep is a recent discovery for me and I really love their clothes, especially since they have a whole line just for curvy girls! They also have some fun 4th of July items that I’ve linked below if you’re looking for something themed to wear during your celebration. I’m not yet sure what we’ll be doing, but I know I’ll be wearing this blouse since it’s loose yet sexy (this should translate to: I love this top since I can eat as many hot dogs as I want and it’ll hide my food baby).


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  1. erin bass
    June 18, 2015 / 4:44 pm

    I love your style, you look really pretty:)