Fur Season is Back, #SorryNotSorry PETA

Fur Season is Back, #SorryNotSorry PETA

I love fur. As long as you’re not sporting a Cruella de Vil style coat (aka look like a bear from a block away), you’ll probably look pretty good in fur. Let’s call this rule “fur in moderation”. Furderation. Yes, I can make up words now. It’s the power that come with blogging. But seriously, furderation is the key to the fall and winter season. I’m personally a huge fan of fur vests but I also can’t get enough of fur used on accessories like the front flap of a purse or a band on the back of shoes.


Fur Fashion For Curvy Girls _MG_3060 _MG_3069 _MG_3070 _MG_3093-2


For today’s furderation outfit, I paired my fur vest that I picked up in Rome (similar linked below) with a jean jacket, my beloved cat shirt, jeans and booties. If you can’t tell by my layers, I live in San Francisco. The fur completes the outfit but doesn’t dominate it. Successful furderation FTW!


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  1. nowantor
    September 20, 2016 / 8:34 am

    I just wasted a half hour of my precious time reading your blog only to find out you advocate the cruel torture of animals by electronic shock.and live skinning of their skin. You should be ashamed. So not following this advocacy of torture and death blog. Your wearing of fur is nauseating and ignorant. I urge you to become educated of the torture these animals suffer .Your a total disgrace to the blogging community and a blight on the . universe I hope you die a slow painful death with someone sticking a electric shock up your rectum while having your skin ripped off which is how these poor animals die. Worse blogger ever!!!!!! Your not welcome in California with your advocacy of torture. Your not and never will be California worthy. Go back to the Midwest your not wanted here. You suck, your ignorant and cruel and you look it wearing fur.