Hello Weekend No. 13

Hello Weekend No. 13

After a long Christmas weekend followed by a long New Years weekend, I’ve had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things. Anyone else feel like every morning is Monday morning this week? On top of getting out of that holidaze, I’ve been trying to cross a lot of my to-do list (like making a dentist apt and finding a new vet for the cat). Adulting is hard, guys! 

Anyways, as usual, here are some fun links I’ve gathered this week from around the interwebs. 

A very interesting way to be buried 

What mattered in media in 2015 (feel smart)

Design a wig. You’ll be addicted. See my masterpiece here.

How to put together a bomb-diggity care package for the homeless 

Feeling chilly lately and I think I need this coat in my life

But for realz, where is Rey? And all the other #bossladies in films? 

Stop. I’m dying. Too cute!


and now. Hello Weekend!