On My Mind No. 7

On My Mind No. 7

I think I’m getting sick, so I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Hello pjs, blankets, hot tea and Netflix! I’m going to a brunch with a bunch of local blogger gal tomorrow (add me on Snapchat @TheWhimsySoul to follow along!) and then afterwards right to bed (so maybe don’t add me on Snapchat since I’ll probs end up posting a few videos of my cat). 

Anyways, it’s time for another On My Mind. I feel like the weeks are flying by.  Didn’t I just do one of these?

  1. Politics: From national debated to local elections, I’ve got platforms, props and ballots on my mind. I’ve always signed up for absentee ballots because a. I always have a hard time getting to the polls and b. I think it’s important to actually sit down and know what you’re voting for. The San Francisco November 3rd election ballots was sent out this week and I’ve been researching all the issues. And you should do the same – if you aren’t sure you’ll make it to the polls for your local elections this year, sign up for a ballot to be sent to you. No excuses, people.
  2. THIS Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe: Guys, it has bacon. Robin and I made it a couple of nights ago and nomnomnonom. I also picked up some fancy bread and fancy cheese and we made fancy people grilled cheese to go along. It’s an easy recipe and taste soooo good. Try it at home.
  3.  Cozy Sweaters: It was in the 80’s earlier this week but yesterday brought low 60’s, clouds, wind and – it’s only a rumor – some rain in parts of the city. Not sure if I believe that one (the whole drought thing), but it feels like fall in San Francisco and now all I want to do is be wrapped in cozy sweaters all the time.
  4. This Raccoon Who Think’s She’s A Dog: A baby  raccoon was found without her mother, so a family took her in. Now she lives inside, likes to hang with the family dog and generally just be cute. Check her story out for some “awwwws”.
  5. Paws Like Me: This site matches with your with ideal shelter dog to help make sure every animals goes home with the perfect family. Cue another “awwww”. We can’t have dogs in our apartment, but this little guy was matched to us. If you’re looking to adopt a doggy pal, check this website out!



photo by katie purnell