Trading Cornfields for Vineyards

Trading Cornfields for Vineyards

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my profile bio touts the catch phrase “Just a Midwest gal who ran away to San Francisco”. One of the reasons I love blogging is because I get to inspire fellow women who feel stuck, to do something about it. For me, I felt stuck in the midwest, so I did something about it. I traded cornfields for vineyards. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wisconsin, but I was 22 and needed to be somewhere else.  The problem: a lot of you reading this also feel stuck or are going through a hard phase of your life, and you don’t do something about it. Because you are afraid of change.

Wente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in LivermoreNow, I get it. Change is scary. While my Instagram stays mostly positive, what it doesn’t show you are the tears over the struggle to find an apartment before we found the perfect one. The tears over losing a client when I was contracting and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent for our apartment, before finally landing in a job I love. The tears when we first moved here and I didn’t know anyone, before I met some the most wonderful girls who are now my bridesmaids. I was tired of spending all of my nights at home watching Netflix. Now, i’m thankful for a peaceful evening in instead of spending it at an event or working late. Or the tears when I dropped my phone on one of these terribly steep hills and the screen shattered (or the second time when a beer spilled on my second phone and ruined that one!), but – if you couldn’t guess the pattern – I have a perfectly fine working iPhone 7 now. That, let’s be honest, is 100% times better than the iPhone 5 I was carrying around anyways.

“Nothing in Nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself” – Wente Vineyards.

The moral of the story? Fresh starts are always rocky. Winters are hard, and spring can be harder, but dang, aren’t summers great? One of my favorite perks of living in California now is how I literally traded cornfield for vineyards. When you had a hard week, or Karl The Fog is making the city chilly, I love escaping to wine country to Wente Vineyards. In the winter, vineyards are a bit chilly, but peaceful. The vines are dead, but I love stopping by in the spring and seeing the buds. Summers are still my favorite to visit – the 130 year old sprawling property has so many paths to wander, so many palm trees to sit under when you need shade, but plenty of cute outdoor seating when you just need some Vitamin D and a crisp Chardonnay. Fall is fun as well – it’s harvest season and time for change again.

Wente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in LivermoreWente Wine in Livermore

To quote Hamilton “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now”.

Change is hard, but there will always seasons to your life and your life is about the journey. So, I implore you, if you are living in a town that makes you feel stuck, move. A job that sucks your passion, look for a new one (even if that sounds scary!). If you always hate swimsuit season because you  think you are fat (you aren’t I promise) wear one anyway because you’ll see how it feels 100% times better to embrace yourself. Figure out what your cornfield is, and trade it for vineyards.

Make sure to try a bottle next Bachelor Monday or stop by the winery if you are in the Bay Area. 


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  1. April 6, 2017 / 11:46 am

    This place looks so beautiful! I love these photos and the wine and your story!!