How To Do A Messy Side Braid

How To Do A Messy Side Braid

I love a big, messy side braid. I usually braid my hair on day 2 or 3 after washing because a) dirty hair holds braids longer and b) they’re quick and easy when I’m lazy and didn’t wash in but I still want to look put together. This messy side braid is my go-to braid for work or even for running errands. It’s quick, really simple (and I do mean simple)  and looks great on dirty hair. 

Here’s how you do a messy side braid

  • Start by brushing your hair out so there are no knots and part your hair to the side (doesn’t matter which – whatever you usually wear it as!).
  • Grab three very small strands at the crown of your head and start a simple dutch braid, pulling new strands from the top layer of your hair.
  • Keep braiding and adding new strands in, working down the side of your hair. Sometimes your under layers are hard to grab, so be aware of them so they don’t get left out.
  • Keep braiding until you’ve gathered all hair into the braid. Switch from a dutch to a regular 3-strand braid and finish it off, tying your braid with a clear band.
  • Now is when you pull your braid apart! Be gentle so you don’t pull strand totally out, but start tugging your braid loose to turn it into a big, messy side braid.
  • To finish it off, lightly hairspray your braid to keep fly-aways and loose bits under control. 

how to do a messy side braid

And that’s how you do a big, messy side braid! I’ve worn this hairstyle to a wedding, to work, and just around the house to keep it out of my face. Feel free to add headbands and decorative bobby pins to dress it up even more. Leave a comment below if you have any questions!



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  1. Kathleen
    January 10, 2016 / 6:50 am

    You look so beautiful with this hairstyle! Love, Kathleen

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