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Whimsy Soul is looking for talented bloggers and writers to contribute to the site! While we wish we could travel everywhere and try every single sheet mask in existence to review, we’re pretty sure our faces would fall off and we’d never actually sleep. If you have a story to share, we’re listening.

What’s in it for you: Contributing to Whimsy Soul is a non-paid gig, but it does offer you a chance to build out your portfolio while getting in front of our daily readers.  We’ll also use backlinks to your blog plus shower you with shoutouts on social media and our email newsletter when we share your article.

Important Note: Guests posts are for bloggers and aspiring writes only. If you are a company looking for backlinks or an article featuring your for-profit company, that’s a sponsored post and we kindly ask that you head to our “work with us” page to learn more about sponsorship with Whimsy Soul.  


Obviously, you have to be proficient in English, write well and be able to create quality imagery. There are a zillion lifestyle and travel blogs out there and we aren’t looking for just any ole’ guest post.

Quality Images: We pride ourselves on quality original imagery here at Whimsy Soul. We’re not looking for iPhone photos or blurry selfies. You can’t use sourced images from the internet for your guest post (that’s stealing!) and must have original images that you took or have permission to use in a guest post. If you aren’t confident in editing, we can help you out!

Tons of Information: Whether you’re writing a travel piece or a review on the best shampoo for natural hair, your post needs to be packed with information. Fluff doesn’t help our readers! While we don’t have a minimum word requirement, we do need the post to be helpful and that usually means lots of words!

Not A Personal Diary: While we think it’s important to incorporate bits here and there about yourself, travel posts should not be full of stories of how you got drunk in a Paris hostel or got lost in Rome for 12 hours with your boyfriend and had a big fight. Save that for your own blog! Guest posts should put information first.

…Unless you are writing us a personal piece: If you want to contribute a story about your body image, ED battle, disability, personal reviews on things like beauty products or how you styled your own home (etc) obviously you need to speak from the heart! The more vulnerable and real you can be, the better.

Built Around A Keyword: We’re low-key obsessed with SEO here at Whimsy Soul. Your piece needs to be built around a keyword. We can help you with keyword research, but it’s better if you have done that yourself before pitching.

A topic that’s relevant to our brand (here’s what we’re looking for at the moment)

  • USA-Based Destinations: Small towns, state and city guides, famous US Routes to drive, National Parks, etc. Especially looking for Midwest and East Coast destinations!
  • Hotel Features: The world is full of unique hotels that can be destinations themselves. We’re looking for unique and luxury hotels to feature (note – you MUST visit in person and take your own images for this type of feature! We will not accept photos from the hotel PR team.)
  • Food + Booze: We’re looking for food guides! Listicles and features on all things food – from the top 10 dinner spots in your city to the best vineyards in a wine region. The more nice and specific, the better!
  • Diverse Beauty Reviews: We have readers of all ethnicities and need beauty stories that are tailored to every walk of woman.
  • Day Trips / Weekend Trips: Our readers are working women who have limited PTO. What are some of the best things to do within 3-4 hours of a major city? If you have a great day trip or weekend travel guide, reach out! Bonus points if it already overlaps with a destination we have covered in depth in the past.
  • Listicles: Everyone loves lists. If you know of the best 10 size inclusive stores, 17 ways to travel for free, 4 sneaky ways to get through airport security faster, we want to hear them!
  • #IGWorthy Guides: Our readers love aesthetics. We’re always looking for the prettiest cafes, the best restaurant patios, the funkiest murals, the most unique hotels to share with our readers as they plan their trips. If you know where all the #igworthy things are in your city, let us know!
  • Personal Stories: We’re a small team and there are only so many personal issues we can talk about. We think it’s important to share stories around all sorts of issues, from ED battles, traveling with a disability, dealing with mental health, coming to terms with your body image are all things we want to touch on. Are you ready to get real with our readers?
  • Home decor: especially if it nods to an IRL destination! If you’re living room is French inspired or you have a tropical feeling bathroom, we want to show it off!

And many more topics! If you don’t see something listed here but you think it would be a great fit for Whimsy Soul, pitch us anyway!


Please email travels@whimsysoul.com with the following information and the subject line GUEST POST PITCH



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