Best Rooftop & Patio Bars in Minneapolis

Best Rooftop & Patio Bars in Minneapolis

I love being outdoors. I really love drinking outdoors and I really REALLY love drinking outdoors on tall places. Can that be a hobby? Since that’s definitely my hobby. Unlike San Francisco, which barely has any outdoor bar seating, Minneapolis is littered with rooftop and patio space. So much that it can be overwhelming to know where the best spots are. So, I enlisted my friend Melanie who still lives in the city to help me compile the list of the best rooftop and patio bars in Minneapolis. You’re welcome. 

1. Uptown Tavern: I went here with friends on one of my last nights in Minneapolis. It was a weekend night and I swear every recent college grad was packed into Uptown Tavern, which made it just that more fun. The rooftop had a line (I think during the weekdays it’s less crowded) but I was so happy we waited in line since  it is massive! Even has a separate bar on top so you don’t have to go up and down stairs to get a new drink. It has plenty of seating and sweeping views of Uptown, plus good beer to boot!

2. Union: Probably one of the swankiest places in Minneapolis, the Union is an upscale restaurant with a stunning rooftop that is enclosed by glass on one-half so it can still be used in the winter. Smart move, Union, smart move. It’s in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and, unless you have a special date, is a place people tend to grab 1-2 drinks at during happy hour with friends before ducking out when the prices go up.

3.  Club Jager: I love this place. Can I say that again? I LOVE THIS PLACE! Located in North East, Club Jager looks like any ole’ bar from the outside but has the most beautiful patio out back. Think garden feeling with tons of string lights and cozy seating. It’s one of those places you don’t want to leave once you get there.

4. Sea Salt: Located in Minnehaha Falls park, Sea Salt is my go-to place for a fish fry on any given night in the summer. I know, it’s not a bar, but I also love sitting outside on their deck with a cold beer and watching the Minnehaha waterfall (as well as all the people, cute babies and puppies being walked!) Minnehaha Falls is a huge park, so if you want to be surrounded by some green and nature while getting your drank on, head here.

5. Amore Victoria: This spot is lesser known among the locals and thus usually less crowded. Think: the perfect brunch rooftop in Uptown!

6. LynLake Brewery: If you’re a fan of good beer and drinking said good beer on rooftops, head here! I really don’t know how to sum LynLake up in any other way.

7. Stella’s: Known for its fish (I once had a lobster stuffed salmon here and almost died of happiness), their rooftop in the summer offers great views of Uptown. It will be crowded at night and is on the smaller side, but is still worth checking out.

8. The Freehouse: I’ll be talking more about this place in an upcoming blog post, but for now this is what you need to know: huge patio, amazing brunch, homemade bread and they brew their own beer. Yup.

9. Tuggs Tavern: Right next to Aster Cafe, seen here, on the Mississippi River with a killer view of the Minneapolis skyline, Tuggs is was in a walkable distance from my last apartment in the city and one of my favorite places to relax by the water. They have the standard cheap beers and a few more interesting ones, but the main allure is the location. I also remember their fries being pretty damn tasty.

10. Seven: Another swanky place right downtown, but I love those swanky places right downtown. Being surrounded by tall buildings makes me happy. What I love about Seven are the couches on the rooftop as well as the traditional tables.  You can spend some serious time here lounging in the sun with friends and a cold drink.

This list could go on and on forever, I promise. But if you are ever in Minneapolis, check one of these places out (or more than one!) What I love about the upper Midwest is that because you’re stuck in the tundra for 9 months out of the year, everyone is REALLY into being outside during the summer. I do miss that. I’ll be coming back for you next summer, Minneapolis.



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