The Cat Shirt in Madison

The Cat Shirt in Madison

Oh, the cat shirt. I saw this hanging in H&M and immediately feel in love. Like, could this be any more me – crazy cat lady over here! I wore this shirt from H&M for a casual day in Madison, Wisconsin during my trip home since it’s crazy hot and humid there during the summer – even though the skies were overcast the entire time. I was bummed out that I didn’t get much sun – I feel like I’ve been lacking in Vitamin D living in San Francisco!

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I was just CRAVING some time the UW Memorial Union Terrace while we were in Madison. Unlike most student unions, this terrace is AWESOME. The building itself is old and beautiful, but the terrace is where it’s at. It’s a sprawling terrace right on the edge of the lake with plently of seating with the coorful iconic chairs that I always think about stealing when I’ve had a little too much too drink. That’s right – they serve beer at the terrace! The one summer Robin and I lived in Madison AND were over 21, we spent at least 2-3 nights at the terrace each week. We’d watch the sunset over the water, drink great beer and watch the live music when they had it.

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This time we went in the afternoon with Robin’s sister, her new husband and his cousin. We had Spotted Cow from the New Glarus Brewery, a local beer and hands-down the most popular beer in Wisconsin. It’s not sold outside the state, so if you ever visit – drink all the Spotted Cow you can! Seriously, I did. We all also shared an order of fried cheese curds. When in Rome… Afterwards we wandered up State Street to the Capitol before heading back to Robin’s parent’s house for dinner. Just writing this is making me hungry for cheese curds.