Gifts For Parents Under $50

Gifts For Parents Under $50

I think finding gifts for my parents is the hardest part about Christmas shopping. They’re at the stage of life where they can really just buy anything they need or want, so the best gifts are ones that have thought behind them. This Broke Girl’s Gift Guide took me the longest, and I hope you find it helpful in gift shopping for your parents this year! 

Arthur Court Three-Piece Marble Cheese Set -$49: Got parents who like to entertain? Fancy cheese plates are something they will use over and over again, and they’ll think of you each time they pull it out. Pro tip: if you’re parents throw a Christmas party each year, give this to them the day of along with some specialty cheeses so they can use it right away!

Animal Head Wall Planters – $42: Whether it’s an animal head wall planer or just a simple pot shape, fun and beautiful planters are something every mother with a green thumb could use. Pots that hang on the wall are 100% more interesting than ones that sit on the ground, hence making them awesome gifts.

The Curious Bartender $24: I feel like as men get older, they appreciate a good cocktail more and more. This gift is good for any dad (or mom!) who are like to try new things and learn how to master the perfect cocktail.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Mist – $32: We sell this at work and I’m in love with it. Sometimes moms can get in a rut with beauty products and find it hard to branch out and try new things. Get her this mini bottle of rose hibiscus mist Herbivore. It’s a great face mist that tones and hydrates the skin. At work we all sneak in our “afternoon mist” as a pick-me-up. Want to give more? I also love the sea mist for hair, bath salts and lapis facial oil.

Haggar Shawl Cardigan Sweater -$39: Some men never get good at dressing themselves, even when they are well into their adult lives. While boring shirts and ties are, well, boring, a good sweater can be a great gift for your dad. Take time to pick one that is high quality and has a good fit. Something that he can wear around the house, but nice enough to wear to work. I really love this cardigan since it’s a mix of both – plus, he’ll be able to wear it right away!

Kate Spade Cocktail Mixer – $49: Give your mom an excuse to whip up on yummy dranks with this pretty Kate Spade Cocktail Mixer (not like one ever needs an excuse to mix up a drink).

Monogramed Mug – $8: Everyone secretly wants a monogramed mug. Take my word for it. Get your parents a set of them.

Copper French Press – $50: While studying abroad in Italy, I fell in love with espresso and brought back a classic Italian espresso maker home to my dad and he love it. If you’ve got coffee loving parents, gift them this high-quality French press and they’ll be thinking of you every morning.

Pooling with your siblings?

Sometimes it’s a great idea to get together with your brothers and sisters and pool your gift money to get your parents something really great for Christmas. If that’s your case, below is what I would pool my money on.

Monogram Weekender Bag – $89 each: Got parents who like to travel, or are just retired and have time to start traveling? Pool your budget to get your mom and dad a matching set of monogram weekender bags. Want to go a little further? Stock the bag with travel-sized items or better yet, book a weekend getaway for them. It’s also on sale right now!!

JORD Watches – $149: I love a good watch and JORD makes some of the best wood watches out there. I have one and wear it all the time (seen here). They have an array of women’s and men’s styles, so go big and get both your parents a watch. I suggest the Delmar for your Dad and the Sidney for your Mom.

Which are you gifting to your parents? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Maggie
    November 19, 2015 / 6:04 am

    I love this post because I always have such a hard time getting something for my parents! Great suggestions!

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