Our Wedding Album From Mixbook

Our Wedding Album From Mixbook

custom wedding album mixbook

Once the wedding day was over, after we returned home from the honeymoon and started getting back to a normal routine, there was one thing I was very excited for: the wedding photos. I spent a LOT of time hunting for the best wedding photographer in the Wisconsin area and fell in love with Heidi Uhlman’s work. I knew the photos would be something we’d want to look back on for years and years and years, so I made sure to take those photos and put them in a wedding album.

We headed straight to Mixbook to make our wedding album. We got our holiday cards from them last year, so I knew how easy their system is to use. What I was blown away by was just how easy it was to make a wedding album! We had close to 100 photos I wanted to preserve forever into an album, so the thought of organizing all of those into a beautiful book seemed really daunting. Turns out the Mixbook system is even better than I remembered – I was able to design the whole 30+ page album in under 2 hours. It shipped in under a week as well! It was supposed to be a Christmas gift to ourselves, but it shipped faster than I thought it would also. So it’s an early Christmas gift!

If you are looking for a beautiful photo book for a wedding, vacation, yearly album, etc, I highly recommend heading to Mixbook. You can use the code STL25 until Jan. 2018 for $25 off your order! #score

custom wedding album

custom wedding album couple kissing
custom wedding album
custom wedding albumcustom wedding album

Thank you to Mixbook for sponsoring this post.

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