The 4 Things To Do Right After Getting Engaged

The 4 Things To Do Right After Getting Engaged

Congrats, you’re engaged! 

Last November, Robin popped the question (and I of course screamed YES!). He proposed late at night with my Great Grandmother’s  diamond ring. Since we’re on the West Coast and family is in the Midwest,  nobody but my younger sister in college was still up. I called her quickly to share the news, but then we had to wait to tell everyone else – and I ended up really loving that. In light of the engagement, I wanted to share my tips for the 4 things to do right after getting engaged.

  • Wait a bit before breaking the news. I’ll start by saying that everyone is different, but I really enjoyed not throwing ourselves into calling up the masses right after getting engaged. It was such a happy moment for us. After the proposal, we cracked open a celebratory beer and stayed up late cuddling and chatting. We slept in that morning and made breakfast together. I kept thinking “Man, I probably should call my mom now”, but I didn’t want to break that little bubble we were in. I think the best part of proposals is actually that little bubble afterwards when you’re both on a high and utterly in love. Your family can wait a few hours, or even a day, to hear the news. Take time for a little peace – you’ll love it.
  • Call everyone first – then post to social media. When you’re ready to start spreading the word, start with parent’s first and make sure you don’t forget anyone that should know first hand (family, good friends, etc). It’s awkward and sometimes hurtful for people when they find out about engagements on Facebook when they felt like they deserved a call or even a text.
  • Insure your ring! You should always make sure your ring is covered in case it’s stolen, lost, or damaged. Especially so if it’s really pricey, so a family heirloom. I recommend using Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, they specialize just in jewelry insurance so they know their stuff. They handle replacements, repairs, unexpected loses, theft and they even can clean your ring so it always sparkles. Rings are an investment. You insure your car and you drive it everywhere, so you need to also insure your ring, which you take everywhere with you. Gotta keep that bling safe, babe!
  • Talk wedding planning – no, I don’t mean start jumping into the planning process, but I recommend asking your partner right away how they feel about planning. I didn’t think Robin cared too much (he’s not the best planner in the world), but I still checked with him about what parts of the planning process he wanted to be a part of and if it was ok for me to just run wild and do my girly wedding thing. I dove in pretty fast! Knowing right away will help you in the long run. 

Do you have any more tips to add? Anything that you did right after getting engaged that you wish you didn’t do or wish everyone did? Leave a comment below!

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